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All your child’s vision care can be managed by at the one pediatric ophthalmologist in Charlotte, NC to remember, which is Pediatric Eye Care & Strabismus. With more than 22 years of experience in pediatric eye care, Dr. Erin Goshorn has literally encountered every conceivable problem with eye care, and she is proud to offer her services to the community. 

It’s never too early to start your child on the path to good vision, and make sure that good eye health is retained throughout childhood. You might not think that a newborn would be susceptible to any kind of eye problems, but that’s not really the case. Eye conditions can develop at any age, even in newborn babies, and it’s possible that your pediatric doctor could identify some kind of vision problem before a baby even leaves the hospital. Dr. Erin Goshorn can handle any kind of eye problems that a newborn might have, and especially children of school age, where any kind of visual problems often become more identifiable due to the demands of school work. 

Even her routine exams are comprehensive. She tests the broadest possible range of all visual skills and abilities to identify any deviations from the norm. If anything does turn up on one of her exams, she can do whatever it takes to correct vision problems right here at the clinic.Dr. Erin Goshorn is a top doctor in the field of eye care, well-qualified for all kinds of eye procedures and surgeries. Even with her many years of experience, she is still learning, and that means she stays abreast of developments in vision care, and the best use of high tech equipment to help her find problems. 

Pediatric Eye Care & Strabismus, your caring vision experts in Charlotte NC.

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