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At Pediatric Eye Care & Strabismus in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Erin Goshorn can offer a full range of eye care services from comprehensive eye examinations to eye surgery. She is your ophthalmologist in Charlotte, NC, which means she is a medical doctor who has completed at least eight years of medical training beyond college, and is licensed to practice medicine and surgery. 

Dr. Erin Goshorn can diagnose and treat all eye diseases, perform eye surgery, and prescribe and fit eyeglasses or contact lenses. In addition, she can provide dry eye treatment for those of her patients who experience difficulty with the normal production of teardrops. A treatment for dry eyes could be as simple as artificial teardrops, or it could require a minor surgical procedure which can be done right here at the clinic. 

There are many different types of ocular disease which can affect human eyesight, but here at Pediatric Eye Care & Strabismus, the comprehensive eye exam will discover anything that’s there to be found, so that Dr. Erin Goshorn can make a diagnosis and develop some kind of a treatment plan. Pediatric Eye Care & Strabismus is also your ear, nose, and throat center in Charlotte, NC, and if you suspect that your child is having difficulty in any of these areas, contact the office immediately to set up an exam. Dr. Erin Goshorn can promise quick results from her thorough examination, and she’ll discuss all her findings with you, if any kind of further treatment is needed. 

There are probably a lot of other eye care centers in Charlotte, NC that you could take your child to, but you won’t find many that have had more than the 20 years of experience that Dr. Erin Goshorn has had in the field of children’s eye care. 

Call Dr. Erin Goshorn at Pediatric Eye Care & Strabismus, and be sure about your child’s vision health.

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