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After 22 years in the business of children’s eye care, Dr. Erin Goshorn at Pediatric Eye Care & Strabismus in Charlotte, NC, has a powerful sense of connection to the community, and to the visual health of the children who grow up to become leaders of that community. Dr. Erin Goshorn feels a sense of responsibility to make sure that every child who comes to her is being thoroughly evaluated for visual skills and abilities, and that any problem areas are immediately identified. 

We also realize that parents put their trust in her and expect her to take the same good care of their children that she would for her own children. If anything is identified during the course of visual testing that appears to be a deviation from the norm, she will consult with parents to discuss what can be done to correct the situation. In many of those cases, she can provide the treatment or care right here at her eye center in Charlotte, NC, and for anything more serious, she can coordinate with other highly skilled eye doctors to arrange for appropriate care. 

Dr. Erin Goshorn's years of experience in the field of children’s eye care have helped her to realize that every single child is important, and that every problem is not obvious, and is sometimes found only through persistence and thoroughness. She encourages all parents to take advantage of her experience and professionalism in the area of children’s eye care, and contact her to set up an appointment for your child. As a parent, you want to be sure that your child’s vision is being protected, and if necessary corrected; asan  eye care professional, Dr. Erin Goshorn strives to do exactly that.

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